A New Era: Intelligent Cloud & Intelligent Edge

Mark Scholman

"The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed." - William Gibson.

In this session I will explain what is the new era of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge and how the edge can't live without the cloud and vice versa. You will learn what Microsoft technologies play part in this new platform and how to use them.


About Mark Scholman

Mark Scholman, works as a freelance Microsoft Azure consultant. His focus is on Microsoft Cloud technology including Azure, Azure Stack, and Azure Stack HCI along with the System Center components that are involved in the Hybrid Cloud offerings. Mark is also active in the IT community on his blog and blogs on the Azure Stack blog. Mark is an author of the book Azure Hybrid Cloud Unleashed and speaks at several events such as Experts Live and local user groups including meetups and the Windows Azure User Group.