Policing Datacenter with Azure Policy 

Sarang Kulkarni

An Azure subscription can go from a well-managed paradise to a lawless wild west in no time. With many generously granted owners and contributors, anarchy is imminent. Good governance is important but governing with rules and regulations can be a bit passive and difficult to enforce and monitor.Azure Policy Service helps incorporate good IT Governance. These policies help implement various rules and guidelines over resource utilization and deployment in your subscription, to achieve compliance and standardization.In this session we’d look at what is Azure Policy, how is different from RBAC and how to use it in some real-world scenarios.


About Sarang Kulkarni

Been coding for food past couple of decades. Love all things cloud, involved with Azure since the Red Dog days (2009) and currently busy building Software defined IaaS environments. Originally from India, but now call the Netherlands home. Sarang is working at Rapid Circle as a consultant.